vom haus Freitag Rottweiler Kennel

Welcome to Vom Haus Freitag Rottweiler Kennel!

My name is Erik Freitag. I am a Schutzhund/ Working Rottweiler enthusiast located in Phoenix, Arizona.

I have been involved with Rottweilers since 1998. I got involved with working Rottweilers in 2005. My first Rottweiler, Luke, was adopted. As Luke was aging I was looking for another Rottweiler to fill my soon to be “Hole in my Heart”. In 2005, I was invited to visit a local Schutzhund club and I got my first taste of the working dog world. I was amazed at the precision of the training and the relationship the handler and dogs shared! That's when I started my search for a well bred working Rottweiler...

Over the years, after working with some very pronounced and experienced trainers, I have learned that the sport of Schutzhund is a never ending journey of knowledge and skill. That the bond that one develops with their dog is one of true honesty and respect - I find that to be even more true with Rottweilers!

Please enjoy my website and check back to follow our progress!!