vom haus Freitag Rottweiler Kennel


Cimbo vom Haus Rosenberger

Litter Day:     2009-07-14                 Breed Registry id:     ADRK 118247

Work Results:     ZTP, BH, AD        Health:     HD Frei ED Frei(ADRK)

Show Results:      Multi V Rated                  ZTP :      01/12/2012 Helmut Weiler   Ca, USA

ZTP Report:

Medium sized, very well built. Strong bones. Strong head. Very well developed. Medium sized ears, correctly carried. Dark eyes(2a). Very good stop  and cheek bones. Strong short muzzle. Dark mouth pigmentation with pink marbled. Short, strong neck. Very good chest proportions. Very good angulations. Straight back, correct croup. Tail correctly carried. Very good coat, correct brown markings. Free and far reaching gait.–Ht-63 Chest-29 Length-73 Cir-87 Skull-16, Muzzle-8

–Performance– Desire to please- very high, Point of arousal- high, Grip- full, calm


Pedigree of Cimbo vom Haus Rosenberger